NEW! Order Military Duffel Bag Deployment Stencils Directly from our Website.


  • All stencils are cut to fit the 12″x12″ bottom panel of the military duffel bag from 200lb manilla card stock. If you require vehicle stencils (e.g. trucks or humvees), stencils requiring imagery, stencils for Air Assault School, or stencils for Warrant Officer School please call or stop by our retail store.
  • We recommend that you do not exceed 17 Characters per line on 1.5″ stencils (includes punctuation and spacing.)
  • All Text will be UPPERCASE. All Text will be centered. Text height will remain constant (either 1″ or 1.5″), but the character width will shrink to fit within approximately 11″.
  • This order form is currently setup to process a single stencil per order. At this time, if you require multiple different stencils or duplicates, you must reenter your data, and process separate PayPal payments for each.