Let Herald’s do your Fundraising for you!

Now Herald’s will organize your fundraising campaign using crowd-funding technology.

  • Set a Goal
  • Set a Deadline
  • Get a Proof/Quote/Free Fundraising Page
  • Send a link to your friends
  • Wait for orders – individuals agree to purchase goods only if fundraising goals are met.
  • Funding Success: Accounts withdrawn, order complete!
  • Funding Failure: Accounts NOT withdrawn, order canceled.

Crowd-Funding You want to purchase Screen Printed T-Shirts, or embroidered patches for your organization but how are you going to gather the funds from everyone involved? In the past an organization would have to appoint a treasurer who would be responsible to collect funds from every individual that wanted to purchase organization apparel. This was needed in order to obtain quantity discounts. Without such discounts the apparel would be too expensive for an individual to purchase. But what if your organization fears entrusting a single individual with large sums of cash? Or what if the individuals involved don’t want the responsibility or don’t have the time for the task? What if there’s uncertainty concerning the achievement of fundraising goals? How do make sure that people get their money back if the goals are not met? What if certain people are inaccessible to the treasurer, but still want to purchase apparel (maybe they’re out-of-state temporarily)? How can you effectively promote the fundraiser through social media?

Set a Goal

How many shirts, hats or patches do you think people will purchase? Be realistic, but make sure to set the bar high enough to get the best quantity discounts.

Set a Deadline

How long do you want the fundraising effort to last. When do you need the completed goods? Once you set a deadline everyone that views the fundraising ad will see how much time is remaining.

Get a Proof/Quote/Free Fundraising Page

Use one of the many quoting calculators at to determine how much your organization will need to raise, and how much your individual pieces will cost. Herald Embroidery will provide you with a final quote, a proof and a free fundraising page and widget that can be shared via social media.

Send a link to your friends

The fundraising page and social media wiget allows you and your associates to track the progress of the fundraising effort and the remaining time left in the campaign.

Wait for orders

‘Pledges’ are made by individuals to pay for the goods they want, but funds aren’t withdrawn from accounts unless enough other people in their organization also agree to purchase goods. When the pledge is made each individual inputs their information in a directory that you may optionally make public. This allows you to know who has funded the project and who has not. Each individual securely links his/her bank account, debit card or Paypal account to the project and allows for the future withdrawal of the specified funds. Funds are not withdrawn until the fundraising effort is successful.

Funding Failure: Accounts NOT withdrawn, order cancelled.

If the fundraising effort is understood to have failed, all agreements are cancelled and no accounts are withdrawn. It’s easy to relaunch a new campaign with more realistic goals. Maybe you need 65 Shirts instead of 100. Relaunch with a new quoted price. With the experience of the first campaign, your second is sure to succeed. If the deadline has past and the fundraising effort has been unsuccessful, you still have the opportunity to extend the fundraising period to meet your goals.

Funding Success: Accounts withdrawn, order complete!

It’s as easy as that! Now your order is in production and you’ll have your goods soon.

A small 6.5% fee will be added to all successfully crowd-funded orders made at Herald Embroidery. This fee is only imposed to offset the cost of the service that Herald Embroidery has to pay to it’s crowd-funding provider. No profits are made by Herald Embroidery by imposing this fee.